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Wellness Coaching

Individual Coaching for Personal Wellbeing and Health

If your lifestyle is affecting your health and you need help to make some changes Wellness Coaching will help you to focus on what is important to you, identify what changes you need to make and support you in making it happen.

Stress affecting your health?

When stress levels start to affect our health, it is time to take action. Wellness Coaching helps you to understand and reduce stress. You will learn techniques to release negative emotion and manage more effectively the things that stress you, thus reducing the impact on your health.
Need to slow down and regain control and balance?

At Lindsay West Coaching, we take a values-based approach, which will support you in identifying your individual core values, the things that are important to you and we will help you to live your life in line with those values, which will bring you control and balance.

Unhelpful beliefs and behaviour patterns?
The things we believe to be true can sometimes hold us back from achieving what we want in life. Unhelpful behaviour patterns, established over time, can seem hard to change. Wellness Coaching using NLP techniques will help to unlock and replace limiting beliefs and change behaviour patterns to support achieving personal wellbeing goals.

Wellness Coaching London based sessions are available face to face and telephone sessions may be preferable for those outside of London.

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Wellness Coaching takes an holistic approach, working with the mind to help the body. Here are some of the things Lindsay’s clients have achieved with Wellness Coaching:

bullitt finding direction and happiness
bullitt identifying what is important to you and living in line with your values
bullitt reducing stress and managing stress more effectively
bullitt identifying causes of stress and learning techniques to manage stress
bullitt feeling more in balance in all aspects of your life
bullitt changing unhelpful behaviour patterns
bullitt setting and attaining personal wellness goals
bullitt identifying and achieving wellness goals, plans and actions
bullitt living a healthier, more fulfilling life
bullitt making better choices, keeping motivated