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Wellbeing Tip: Pockets of Rest

With the stressed lives we lead, it is so important to take rest when and where we can.

My yoga teacher talks about taking ‘pockets of rest’ in certain yoga postures, during our intense 90 min class and it took me a while to really understand and value what she was talking about.  Now I find myself applying this concept to every day life.

It is possible to manage the fast-paced living, the multi-tasking, the multi-media world we live in, if we just look for and make the most of those ‘pockets of rest’.  Even if you can’t get away from it all on holiday or take a real break, you can regularly take a few moments to centre yourself, breathe deeply, take time to think and just be.

‘When am I going to find time to do that…?’ I hear you cry, well, next time you’re standing in a queue, waiting for a late train, stuck in a traffic jam, sitting waiting for an appointment with someone running late; rather than stressing yourself, getting angry at the waste of time or worrying about the rush you’re in, reframe the situation and view it as an opportunity for a pocket of rest, when you can just breathe and be, for a few moments or a few minutes. 

Put the world on hold, step off that ‘hamster wheel’ and find a comfortable, cosy place in your mind and take time to think and recharge yourself a little, you will feel so much better for it.

You’ll soon find yourself joining the longest queue, so you can take a moment for yourself!



2 thoughts on “Wellbeing Tip: Pockets of Rest

  1. Doug Durham says:

    Hello Lindsay, I saw your post on Linkedin and thought I would share my site with you. Thank you for taking time to write this blog. It is so imperative that we take a moment or two and breathe deep. I am a life/wellness coach and appreciate you participating in my efforts to make the world a better place.

    Life Coach

  2. Nanette Saucier says:

    Thank you for sharing the idea of “pockets of rest.” I like this idea because I get so busy during the day that I forget to breate deeply and get centered. I set a timer while I’m at work on the computer so that I remember to take a break. During my break I walk around for about 30 seconds which is good for my body, but I’ll add breathing deeply and getting centered which is good for my mind.


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