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At Lindsay West Coaching, we use a values-based approach to coaching. Values are the things that are important to us, the core of who we are.  When you think about what is important to you, you might say family, health or money; these are not values. We need to look a little deeper into ourselves and ask:

‘What do these things give us?’
‘What do we get from them that is important to us?’ 

Only then do we get closer to finding our core values e.g. from family we might get a sense of love, support or kindness; from having good health, we might get a sense of wellbeing or vitality; money might give us security, choice or freedom.

Once we understand our own true individual set of values, then we have a foundation that we can build on to prioritise, make decisions and choices and live a life that will bring us happiness and fulfilment.

Contact us to book a coaching session to find out your individual set of values and learn more about how to use them in your life.

Click here to complete a free Values Identification Exercise, this exercise is a good starting point for understanding your values.

Click here to complete Values Results Form.

Values provoke emotion in us, good emotion when those values are honoured and painful emotion when they are not. For example, values such as sense of achievement and recognition leave us glowing and feeling wonderful when they are honoured in our lives, if we have achieved something and received appropriate recognition for it.
However values such as loyalty and fairness can provoke extremely negative emotion in us, if people around us are dishonouring those values i.e. being disloyal or unfair to us or others in some way.

Understanding our values helps us to understand ourselves, why we react the way we do when our emotions are triggered, thus helping us to handle things better. If you need help to understand your emotional reactions, contact us to discuss how values-based coaching can help.

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If you are a coach and would like more information about training as a Values Coach, please go to for details of my next training programme.