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Life Coaching

Individual Coaching for Happiness and Fulfilment

If you are unhappy, unfulfilled, stressed out, or feeling low in confidence, Life Coaching will help you to release negative emotion, to focus on what is important to you, identify what changes you need to make and support you in making it happen.

Unhappy and unfulfilled?

At Lindsay West Coaching, we take a values-based approach: identifying individual core values, that are important to you, helping you to live your life more in line with those values, to bring happiness and a sense of fulfilment in your home life and relationships.

Stressed out and never have enough time?

If this is how you feel, then Life Coaching will help you to get control back over your life, bringing a better work-life balance.  You will learn techniques to release negative emotion, improve time management and manage stress levels more effectively.

Low in confidence and self-esteem?

At times and in certain aspects of our lives, we can feel low in confidence, for many different reasons.  Life Coaching will help you to strengthen your identity, which will build your confidence and allow you to be who you want to be and do what you want to do in life.

Life Coaching London based sessions are available face to face and telephone sessions may be preferable for those outside of London.

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Life Coaching

focuses on all aspects of your life including happiness, home-life, relationships and personal fulfilment.  Here are some of the things Lindsay’s clients have achieved with Life Coaching:
bullitt Living a happier, more fulfilling life

bullitt Enjoying better relationships

bullitt Managing major life changes e.g divorce, starting a family

bullitt Setting and attaining life goals

bullitt Releasing negative emotion

bullitt Improving work-life balance

bullitt Changing unhelpful behaviour patterns

bullitt Building confidence and self-esteem

bullitt Improving skills e.g. time management