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Life Coaching NLP to enjoy life

Autumn treesIf you wished you enjoyed life more each day then read on for a useful Life Coaching NLP technique.

With the busy, stressed lives we lead, we can sometimes find ourselves ‘going through the motions’ of enjoying ourselves, without actually feeling it.  How many times have you been out with friends, been to family parties, or even been on holiday but when you look back afterwards, can you really say you enjoyed yourself or even remember what happened without looking at the photos!

We can have very full social lives but not actually have fun, if we haven’t learnt to ‘be present’, by that I mean, live in the moment.  If we are always checking our phones, worrying about how soon we can leave or thinking about what we going to do afterwards, then we are not being present and are unlikely to be really enjoying ourselves.

To help ‘be present’, use all your senses to be in the moment:

– really look at what you can see around you,
– focus on really listening to what you can hear,
– notice how you are feeling at that moment,
– touch the things around you, maybe the hand next to yours,
– allow good smells and tastes to linger a while and soak them up.

For example: a simple walk in the park can be really improved if you take time to focus on the moment.  Look at the colours and patterns of the leaves, trees and grass around you, listen to the birds and the wind, smell and taste the air, touch a flower or a tree, focus on how you feel right now.

Using all your senses helps to relish and really live in the moment, to enjoy that time much more; it also helps you to remember it more vividly.

So if you want to enjoy life more, practice this technique until it becomes a good habit and part of the way you live your life.



4 thoughts on “Life Coaching NLP to enjoy life

  1. patricia says:

    Hi Lindsay,
    Using the power of now and just picking one sense at the time,like for example visual or kinesthetic, or auditive, just one at the time and expand on seing what you see with pleasure, or listening what you listen with pleasure staying in the now makes a great difference to the level of inner peace and joy.
    We tend to forget the power of living in the now when we are caught with our everyday life and having fun to me is about re-learning to expand our capacity to JOY in focusing on th epleasure of each single sense, including the 6th one! Thanks for this post, well written and so important!

  2. Crystal Sharp says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    I do so agree with the need to be present in the moment. If one is not present in the moment, life just passess by.

    One other technique I use regularly is to take some deep breaths. That brings you in the present moment in ‘no time’.


  3. Nanette Saucier says:

    Linsay, Great blog on really enjoying life in the now. I find that a tactile or kinesthetic practice can help greatly in aiding one’s memory of what was accomplished during therapy. Thank you.

  4. Lynn Brown says:

    I enjoyed learning Lindsay, your ‘being in the present’ exercise. Our purpose is so important to our innerself and mindset of what we are and want to do. Your tips and advice are a helpful reminder to be in the moment, stay focused and enjoy our time.


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