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Corporate Coaching

Would you like to increase the efficiency and profitability of your company?
Evidence shows a direct link between staff satisfaction and engagement levels and bottom line profits.

What is Staff Job Satisfaction & Engagement?
Employee engagement can be defined as an employee’s involvement and commitment to the success of the company. Measures include the employee’s propensity to speak positively about the organisation they work for, their inclination to stay in or leave the company and by their motivation to achieve greater performance.
Job satisfaction is defined as an employee’s perception of the value the organisation places on them and their own view of the level of positive experience they are having in the workplace. It is measured by indicators such as how valued they feel, the level of praise and recognition they receive, whether their ideas and opinions are listened to and acted upon.

How does Coaching help?
Coaching takes a consultative approach that emphasises a positive management style. As a result it directly targets the factors that impact Job Satisfaction & Engagement.

How can Lindsay West Coaching help your organisation?
At Lindsay West Coaching, we have developed a Coaching methodology called Ask-Think-Do™ which presents a fresh approach to people management that will lead to increased staff job satisfaction & engagement levels. The method is tailored specifically for companies that want to implements a Coaching culture.

Ask-Think-Do™ is a simple, but powerful, set of principles and change techniques for staff, managers and leaders to use in everyday workplace situations. It combines real workplace experience, coaching processes and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) change techniques.

We have also developed an implementation and benefits measurement methodology, called Pass-it-Forward™ that encourages and rewards participation and builds a Coaching culture in the organisation.

Pass-it-Forward™ builds the required competency organically at low cost to the organisation. It includes a mechanism to verify coaching is happening and that benefits are being achieved. It can be linked to existing performance management processes.
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