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Career Coaching

Individual Coaching for Career Growth and Success

Whether you are facing redundancy, bored and want a new challenge, going for promotion or a new job, or starting a new business, Career Coaching will help you to decide what you want to do and support you in making it happen.


If the stress is getting you down or even affecting your health, Career Coaching will help you to prioritise and regain control to get a better work-life balance. You will learn techniques to manage and reduce your stress levels and be more organised and productive to make the best of the time you have available to you.

First Impressions

It takes just a few seconds to make a first impression that will last forever and is hard to change. Your Career Coach will give you honest, non-judgemental feedback on the first impression you make and will work with you to enhance that all important moment to get better results. This will help in interviews, presentations, CVs, sales pitches, networking events and telephone calls

Career Coaching London based sessions are available face to face and telephone sessions may be preferable for those outside of London.

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Career Coaching focuses on all aspects of your working life including career change, redundancy, promotion, starting a new business and work-life balance. Here are some of the things Lindsay’s clients have achieved with career coaching:

bullitt Getting the job you want
bullitt Achieving career goals e.g. salary increase
bullitt Enhancing CV, interview presentation and first impressions
bullitt Building confidence and motivation
bullitt Changing unhelpful behaviour patterns and mindsets
bullitt Reducing stress levels
bullitt Managing challenges and change e.g. redundancy
bullitt Starting a new business
bullitt Improving time management and organisation
bullitt Focusing on self development and enhancing skills