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About Us

Lindsay West Coaching was founded by Lindsay West MBA MCLC

Lindsay is a qualified coach, with over thirteen years experience in personal development. She has run her own business successfully for eight years offering coaching, training and mentoring services. Her style of coaching is values-based and non-judgemental. She is passionate about helping people to feel a sense of fulfilment in all aspects of their lives and she has had great success coaching clients to achieve their personal, career and life goals.

bullitt Accredited coach using a wide range of coaching skills

bullitt Master NLP practitioner using NLP change techniques

bullitt Emotional Freedom and Mind Power techniques available

bullitt Member of The Association for Coaching

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Lindsay works with you to identify what is really important, using listening and questioning techniques, giving you time to think and help you resolve problems yourself.

She is also an accredited Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. NLP techniques are particularly useful for overcoming limiting beliefs, building confidence, changing unhelpful behaviour patterns and solving problems.

Before training as a coach, Lindsay spent several years in management roles, within the banking and financial services industry. She has worked in retail, corporate, marketing and sales, strategy, change and operations functions. Her management background means she understands the issues of business life. She is ideally placed to coach executives, senior managers and busy professionals to greater success.
Lindsay has managed large teams and her interest in coaching grew from helping her staff resolve issues and develop their careers.

She uses the skills and techniques from her coaching, in her own life, setting and achieving her own goals for business, personal development and health, with a range of life experience, including redundancy and divorce that inspires her to coach others.  She is married, with a young daughter.

Lindsay uses a values-based coaching approach and is currently writing a book about the use of values in coaching.  Her own core values include: love, wellbeing, making a difference, balance, development, integrity and success.

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